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Making a positive difference in the world would be impossible without high standards of integrity and compliance and help develop disruptive certification systems


The science is clear: Global greenhouse gas emissions must be halved this decade to limit global warming to below 1.5°C.

The world is off track to deliver these emissions reductions, and transformation at scale is needed to keep 1.5°C within reach. Businesses have a key role to play and while much has been done, it is essential that many more companies rapidly accelerate their progress toward zero and even negative emissions. To help reach net zero global emissions no later than 2050.

It’s time to take concrete action to create a world
that runs entirely on green energy that protects biodiversity and creates regional coherence


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We aim for biodiversity increase in our projects

We work with groundbreaking new standards, like PUROCertified


One of the more known technologies is solar energy. With much thanks to the German Energiewende, the technology of solar has made significant progress, both technological and financial. In many countries solar (and wind energy) are becoming cheaper than fossil / conventional energy sources. TerraWatt designs, builds and finances NISPCertified solar parks worldwide, we connect conservation, clean energy and strengthening local communities. We have almost 1 GW of  NISPCertified solar parks under development

Our leadership team

TerraWatt Regenerative’s ambition is to remove 50 Mton of carbon per year : Certified. Presenting a solution at the same scale of the problem.

We need to go into negative carbon territory if we are to keep below the 1,5 degree warming.  Our goal is to contribute to a net-zero emissions economy in 2050 through the promotion of carbon negative businesses and by restoring the carbon balance of the planet. We see the production and application of biochar as a carbon sink technology as a key climate change mitigation strategy to reach this goal since biochar has the potential to sequester and store carbon for hundreds to thousands of years. We offer carbon negative solutions and services that includes innovative technology to produce biochar and renewable energy and a certification program to generate carbon removal certificates. We can also deliver a variety of different biochar qualities for immediate use .


Problems always arise when energy demand and supply do not match and when consumers need to pay more for real green energy.  Traditionally, production follows demand and has relatively predictable curves. We need to look at the system. We have three options:

Work on demand, work on supply and/or work on storage. When this is done thoughtfully, we can produce a smart grid in which renewable energy is easily, reliably and affordably are incorporated. We at TerraWatt believe this is the way of the future and are already available to all of us.


Download our ISO 9001:2015 certificate here. Certificate ISO9001:2015

Impact Report 2020

As a fast growing company we will have our first Impact Report ready my March 2021. Check back then or drop us a line..


We are on a unique mission to change how the world generates its power and we’re looking for people who share our vision.  Get your black-belt Regenerating the Planet.