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Everything in control

At TerraWatt we embrace and push the large-scale change that is needed as part of the way we do business. It is embedded in our management systems, in the way we interact with our colleagues and other stakeholders, and in our aim to exceed the regulatory requirements, industry norms and ethical standards that guide our actions.


We are committed to help you. Committed to do the right thing. Use solar energy to power your company and reduce your dependence on the grid. Go Carbon Negative with our solutions. We are committed to shape the future we all really want


We seek to disrupt markets, but not for the sake of disruption, but as a wake-up call to start working on a new economy.  The objective is to help all stakeholders with the energy transition and sometimes you have to push new project harder than ever before.


From permitting to installation, we’ll take care of everything. We use the best solution from innovative and forward looking partners so you have the best solution, society wins by reducing carbon emissions, increase biodiversity and people get proper jobs

TerraWatt has really taken the lead in design and installation of our solar roof. They do mean business and the quality is high


Our Solutions

We work with advanced technology partners to engineer, design and construct the latest renewable energy technology. Quality Solar Panels, batteries, advanced pyrolysis. Our consultants guide you through the  whole project

Biomass waste to Biochar

If you have a waste or rest stream disposal challenge and are still dependent on natural gas the installation of a carbonisation or gasification machine at your site might be an interesting option for you to explore with us!  We work with our partners who have developed proven technology for the production of biochar and renewable energy from various biomass rest streams like agricultural residues, paper pulp, animal manure, sewage sludge, spent coffee grounds, forestry and pruning waste just to mention a few.

Solar Roof. If you prefer with a touch of biodiversity...

Are you ready for a solar energy system on the roof of your company? TerraWatt has a lot of experience with roof-based solar energy systems and offers the best system for the best price. From the first (free) calculations to the final installation of your solar panels: we help you decisively and with technical expertise. TerraWatt is very much in favour of solar panels on (company) roofs, but if a land-based solar park is needed, we make sure its NISPCertified

Battery Storage Solutions

Are you ready for a battery energy storage system for your company? TerraWatt has experience with solar energy storage systems and offers the best system for the best price. From the first (free) calculations to the final installation of the system. We help you decisively and with technical expertise.

Our Services

Making grids smarter and customer satisfaction high, we create new opportunities in a changing ecosystem. Empowering customers to master the decentralised landscape and benefit from new opportunities at the grid edge. We combine technology insight with disruptive certification systems to help our clients with the best possible solution to help create the Regenerative Economy and help our clients reducing costs and phase our non renewables

Solar Energy

We help you with the best possible rooftop solar solution for your company. No hassle, from engineering to installation, from subsidy to maintenance

Project Development Carbon Sink Thinking

Our project development consultants help you implement Carbon Sink projects

Battery Storage

We help you with the best possible solution to storage that is on the market, our partner Sonnen provides the technology our base of installation companies install the system

Funding your Solution

Staying at the competitive edge during the transformation of energy systems requires investments. Our financial partners provide tailored financing solutions to you

How we work

We work with the best possible technology and partners. We work on quotation and project management plan basis and /or jointly develop business if we believe you are up to the challenge that we have set.


Feasibility Study

We strongly recommend to first do a feasibility study to determine if the installation of any technical system at investigate if it adds value for your business and if there is a business case. If you are currently using high amounts of natural gas for your production facilities or to heat your office buildings the renewable heat generated by the machine can bring you substantial savings on your energy expenses and support you in meeting your carbon net zero ambitions. We will make a calculation of the total fossil fuel replacement potential within your operations when using biomass as a new energy source

Business Case

We can support you in making a calculation of the business case and provide you with a ROI report that gives insight in the payback period for the choice of your technology, taking into account the total investment, savings, recurring costs, market prices and other benefits or costs.

Quotation and Installation

You will receive a detailed quotation and plan for installation for the products of your choice. Maintenance costs will be quoted separated