Hightech-solutions for your biomassa-waste

Do you also want green heat from biodegradable waste?

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Our impoverished agricultural land urgently needs improvement. With TerraWatt BIOCHAR we offer municipalities and large companies the ideal solution to make soil life healthy again. For this we process biomass waste into a high-quality carbon. Back in nature, this biochar ensures the natural balance of the soil to be restored. During pyrolysis a substantial amount of usable, green heat is collected with a low CO2 emission.

Biochar contributes intensively to a healthier soil quality. By mixing biochar with compost, the natural balance of the soil is restored. CO2 no longer disappears into the air, but is stored into the soil, making soil life more active and crops growing better.

Better water absorption

Biochar improves the soil’s ability to retain groundwater. It restores water infiltration, reduces flooding risk and water loss due to evaporation.

More fertile soil

Biochar ensures the development of a sustainable and fertile soil structure. It increases the presence of nutrients in the root zone, ensures that the nutrients from the soil are better absorbed and reduces the damage caused by leaching of water and fertilizers.

 Fewer diseases

Biochar creates an environment that is suitable for microbial growth. It promotes the presence of useful microbials and protects against stress factors, diseases and pests.

 Healthier environment

Biochar reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thus ensures a better environment in the immediate vicinity.

Green heat

The Pyreg system runs on the energy that is released during processing. Only a small amount of external energy is required when starting to run the machine. The process produces a lot of usable heat. You can use this for heating your offices or houses and buildings in your area. This enables you to make your external gas supply completely redundant and obtain considerable savings on your energy costs.

Project Lelystad

TerraWatt BIOCHAR is currently exploring a project with the University of Wageningen. The University seeks to convert biomass waste into high-quality biochar at its location in Lelystad. The generated green energy will be used to heat the office buildings.