Animal feed

Biochar can also be used as animal feed. Various studies and tests have shown that the addition of small amounts of biochar to animal feed can lead to a reduction in methane gas emissions and, among other things, better animal health. The use of biochar as a feed additive has the potential to improve animal health, feed efficiency and productivity, reduce nutrient loss and greenhouse gas emissions, and increase manure quality and thus soil fertility. In Australia farmers have already achieved good results feeding biochar to cows.

Absorption mechanism

Biochar has excellent absorption qualities which makes it a good filter medium for heavy metals recycling in water or air. Research has shown that biochar is also very effective in absorbing ammonia, methane and nitrogen in soil, manure or air. There are countless opportunities where biochar can be of high value:

In stable beddings where high amounts of ammonia are formed
In soil when manure is used as a fertilizer and nitrogen leaches away polluting water streams
In compost or digestate where ammonia and methane gasses are released
In building/road construction materials where biochar applied in tunnels can absorb nitrogen released by cars

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