The most known application of biochar is as a soil amendment that can store carbon into the soil for hundreds of years. But biochar can also be a carbon sink when applied as a sustainable building material. The building and road construction industry is one of the industries with the highest amount of CO2 emissions.

What if we could replace all gas used in the asphalt and concrete production with renewable heat that is generated when producing biochar? Or even better, what if we would not need any heat anymore to produce asphalt?!  Cold asphalt mixes apparently interact very well with biochar and are already applied in different parts of the world. And the quality of the asphalt seems to be even better compared with hot mix asphalt while a thinner layer of asphalt is needed, meaning less raw material. We are currently exploring business opportunities for carbon negative asphalt in the Netherlands with Carbon-Enviro Solutions Technology. Watch the following video to learn more.

We invite the Dutch construction sector to get in touch with us to jointly explore how we can reduce your CO2 emissions and at the same time remove carbon from the atmosphere through the application of biochar in your building materials or asphalt.

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