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New Times

Times are changing, today it is clear that climate change is a problem on a global scale. New times asks for new solutions towards renewable energy. We as TerraWatt provide these solutions that will contribute to a better, cleaner, future.


Our philosophy is to create a new way of doing business in our field. We call it Land Inclusive Solar Parks (LISP). With LISP we balance Economy and Technology with Ecology and Community.


Anything and everything needs energy. Our bodies, combustion engines, flora and fauna, businesses… everything. So providing clean and sustainable energy is the start of the new way of business.


Other basic needs for a peaceful development of a country is housing, access to water and food. If these elements are taken care of, people will need to be able to make a living. To create an ecomomy with a solid middleclass, education is of vital importance, as is medical care and equal opportunities.


TerraWatt works with partners in these fields as we provide energy.


When we work according these priciples, we believe we can build a society that is a good place for all and keep our planet a good place to live together.

New Energy

Reliable, affordable and available solutions are needed to create the energy system of the future we need to start building now.

We provide part of the solution by building solar parks, energy storage solutions biochar production facilities and we partner with Hydrogen producers, water purification providers, greenhouse builders and home builders.


Our Solar Energy Parks in combination with our battery packs can provide energy one a 24 / 7 scale against reasonable rates.

New Solutions

The challenges we face are enormous and are in need of game changing solutions that also benefit (the) people. We like to be part of the solutions and offer technologies that are now available to provide to you. We build solar parks according to our own LISP certification, which balances technology and economy with ecology and community. With all our projects we look beyond the projects and see how we can have local communities and biodiversity benefit from our projects.


Besides the production of electricity, we are representing our partners of WETS Incorporated USA. WETS are specialists in water management, purification, sewage water.


TerraWatt also represents a group of companies that is specialized in greenhouses to grow vegetables and fruits, after all the Netherlands is the second largest exporter on a global scale of fresh products.

Our Vision & Mission

Our ideal projects are combinations of projects where energy (electricity) can be produced for general purposes by private entities and industry but also by water installations and greenhouses.

By combining these activities in one area we can reduce CO2m, provide local population with food and export products and provide people and industry with clean healthy water.

Next to this we will create local economical grow and employments. We already have contacts with training centres to train and educate local people for jobs in energy, greenhouse labour, logistics and water management.

In 2030 the world is on its way to 2050 an well on its way to be completely free of fossil fuels. TerraWatt has contributed to reach that goal and surpassed its own expectations of what it could contribute!

Our Partners

Meet the people & businesses we work with


WETS being a U.S.A.  based company that focuses on providing turn-key EPC solutions for water treatment, water conveyance, environmental remediation and land reclamation.

TerraWatt works with WETS Inc. as partners to offer high quality base needs for water solutions usually in combination-projects for Energy, Water, Greenhouses.

WETS and TerraWatt a complete formula.


Nelis BV is a shipping, trading, transport, and project development company. Their activities are Global

Their main office is situated in the Netherlands, Nelis BV is partner/owner in TerraWatt Netherlands and Namibia.


Trade Ocean is a Logistics service company with offices in Namibia and South Africa.

They provide all logistic and customs services to our group and for our clients further on Trade Ocean is a partner/owner of the TerraWatt Africa LTD group.


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